Frozen Female Hatchling

Frozen Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Pine Vosmari
Birthday: Thursday, August 4, 2022
Owner: Enchanteddil
Mother: unnamed
Father: unnamed

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Overall Progress: 50.34%

As soon as the pine vosmari hatch, they head to the water. They remain there for weeks, exploring the lake and its shores. Once they are ready, the hatchlings venture out and eventually find their way to the magis. The hatchlings are sociable and easily grow attached to those who are kind to them. They will be happy to eat a head of lettuce if given, but their favorite food consists of pine cones. They will spend hours breaking apart the cones, savoring each part of them. As they are unable to climb trees, the tiny hatchlings will patiently wait for days near pines in hopes that a cone might fall. Always aware of their surroundings, the vosmari will retreat in their shells at the slightest sign of danger. Their shells offer protection from all predators, being nearly impossible to break. Even though they are small at such young ages, the vosmari grow rapidly. The tiny pines that grow on their shells become beautiful trees.

Closely related to the vosmari tortoise, the pine variant is just as impressive. They are friendlier and never shy away from spending time around children. Although the exact time of their origin is unknown, many speculate that the pine vosmari are younger than the other tortoise. Known to be wise and knowledgeable, the presence of pine vosmari at the Keep is seen as a great honor. Unlike their cousin tortoises, the pine vosmari like to spend their time in forests, lounging in the snow during wintertime. Some claim this is why their shells and the pines that grow on top of them are covered in snow all the time. However, the snow appears to be magical in nature, as it never melts when the vosmari are in warm places inside the Keep. During summertime, the snow vanishes and the pines become a vibrant green. The pine vosmari can often be found near the coldest lakes, deep in the woods. Just like the other vosmari, the pine ones do not form families. The eggs are buried near lakes and the hatchlings have to find their own way to the water. The eggs are brown in color, with small pine trees already growing from the shells. The trees grow at the same rate the vosmari do, and the larger the tortoise, the large the pine tree. Huge vosmari can grow more than one pine tree on their shells. The larger a vosmari grows, the more reluctant it is to interact with humans, in fear that its massive body could crush others.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real