Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Superb Quetzumbidae
Birthday: Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Owner: Danafox

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Adult quetzumbidae are placid creatures, generally content to perch around their magi's neck like a lovely, living scarf, and simply watch as their magi proceeds about their day, though they are wise creatures and unafraid to prevent their magi from doing something stupid with a sharp peck to the ears. They are not merely wisdom-dispensing fashion pieces, though, as if anything threatens their magi, the quetzumbidae's sharp beak and power over wind serve as excellent deterrents. In the summer quetzumbidae abandon their perches to nest, using their dances to seek a mate. During this time their magi companion must fend for themself, though once the eggs hatch, magi companions are often pressed into service to help, usually by fetching the choicest fruits for the quetzumbitae family to share.

Beautiful, friendly, and the perfect size and weight to drape around one’s neck, quetzumbidae are beloved companions. They come in a variety of lovely colors, and some magi devote themselves to breeding the fanciest quetzumbidae. The two most common varieties at the Keep have either a deep blue and orange body with fire-tipped wings, or a glorious white-tipped feather crown and stately blue and purple plumage. Quetzumbidae enjoy flying with each other when not snoozing on their magi or basking in the sun, dancing in intricate patterns in the wind. In addition to the ability to call small breezes to help them dance, quetzumbidae seem to have some ambient magic that helps a magi focus and improves their memory. Creature companions are generally not allowed in the classroom during the theoretical portion of exams, but that hasn't stopped the occasional student from trying to smuggle in a quetzumbidae for their helpful effects.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad