Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Maza Iteiri
Birthday: Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Owner: Hitsugaya

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Maza iteiri are found throughout Foenara, though rarely seen except for a few isolated northern towns where they seem to thrive. In these distant hills, villagers have a deep and very old connection with the peaceful spirit deer that wander the hills, and the humans and the deer often live alongside one another. The maza iteiri possess healing magic in the form of a green miasma that constantly swirls around their legs. This miasma develops over the deer’s lifespan, and if used, regenerates slowly. However, it is a powerful substance, able to bring back any creature from the brink of death. While some would seek to use it for their own purposes, it is impossible to do so unless the deer are willing to give it up. Those who live alongside the deer rarely ask this of their companions, instead traveling with them and learning a unique sort of healing magic by studying the deer’s behaviors. Maza iteiri seem to be able to sense creatures in pain, and will sometimes lead humans to a downed creature so that the humans can take it into their care, or put it out of its misery. They can also sense illness in humans, and if no medicines or magic are proving effective, a maza iteiri with a human companion will not hesitate to use some of their life-giving miasma to help.

While many species of deer can be found throughout the west, only a few are known to roam other planes of existence. The so-called spirit deer – shika mizu, maza iteiri, and fia puca – tread the line between the living and the dead, said to be harbingers and messengers each with their own role to play in our world. As creatures born of another plane, little is understood about their magic, which seems to be a sort all of its own, related to the life energy that gives all things breath. They cannot be harmed by human spells, and at certain points in the day they may cease to interact with this world at all, fading away until they appear as ghosts, or disappear altogether. Each variety of spirit deer derives its power from a celestial body – the fia puca draws from the moon, the maza iteiri from the sun, and the shika mizu from the two of them together. Each deer sports a small flame that flickers above its head, and will protect this flame at all costs, for if it goes out, the deer will vanish, its tie to this world broken.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: PKGriffin