Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Monarch Lunestre Dragon
Birthday: Sunday, March 13, 2022
Owner: iXeno

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Stage Progress: 38.35%
Overall Progress: 20.92%

This egg is a bright orange, with a small design on its shell.

Lunestre dragons are unique little creatures. Though they share the same skills as other dragons, they hardly resemble them. These companions are small, fragile, and shy. If not for their magical powers, it is unlikely they would be stronger than a common butterfly. While non-magical butterflies are often devoured by owls and the like, lunestre dragons fend off enemies by breathing fire. These flames are incredibly hot, and some very interesting uses have been found for them. A few students discovered that unlike large dragons, lunestre dragons could direct their flames very carefully, aiming at one specific area. This process melts metal rapidly and is much more effective than a forge. As for the dragons, they enjoy helping their magi and are always eager to help. These activities generally take place during night, though, as these companions are nocturnal. Lunestre dragons hide away and sleep during the day, but appear at dusk, snatching up insects as meals and flying very high up. No one is quite sure why lunestre dragons love to try and fly above the clouds, though there are many theories. Some wilder ideas claim these companions are from the stars, and try to follow light to make their way back. Though this seems a bit ludicrous, these creatures are strong fliers, and often fly farther than most would think possible. They rely on magic to keep them airborne, as strong winds would buffet them about otherwise.

Sprite art: Umbreonage/Lazuli/DarrkestDrow | Description: Damien