Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Borean Valdmaus
Birthday: Monday, November 15, 2021
Owner: Shadowfrost

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Stage Progress: 100%
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Even when reaching maturity, the valdmaus can easily fit in one's palm. Able to make decisions on their own, the valdmaus come and go as they please. However, they will always remain loyal to the person who first offered them a fresh twig. If the valdmaus never received a twig while hatchling, it will wait patiently for the right person to do so, being somewhat loyal to those who treat it kindly. If the twig is not offered in a time frame the valdmaus considers to be appropriate, it leaves and searches for someone else more worthy of its loyalty. Nevertheless, the valdmaus remain around humans. With their invaluable knowledge, the valdmaus are a usual presence in libraries and study rooms. They refresh the air with their azaleas, keeping stressed students calm at the same time. On occasions, they help point at solutions to different academical questions if they see fit. Rodents in a library seem like a bad idea, but the valdmaus leave the books unharmed, knowing they contain important information. Young lovers sometimes gift wild valdmaus adults to their beloved ones, the azaleas being a sign of true love. The valdmaus will choose to remain with the person or to scurry away later. The decision is based on how it perceives the love between the two, as well as on if it receives a twig.

One of the creatures that have always piqued the curiosity of magis is the borean valdmaus. Although made entirely of wood, the valdmaus is as alive as any other creature. Centuries of studies lead to the conclusion that the valdmaus has, in fact, a soul. Ancient tribes believed that the souls of their ancestors inhabited the valdmaus. They were kept around for their wisdom as well as for their good-hearted nature. Prized not only for this, nowadays these creatures are kept as beloved companions because of the flowers that grow on their bodies and their sweet, calm-inducing perfume. Their short fur is made of wood, being soft to the touch and strong enough that it can not be broken. Small, pink azaleas grow on the valdmaus' body. These flowers are priceless and highly sought after. The azalea was native to the southern regions of Boreus, but for inexplicable reasons, it became extinct. How the flower took its roots on the valdmaus' body, and why it chose this creature in particular are mysteries yet to be solved. Botanists have tried relentlessly to obtain seeds from the valdmaus, but their efforts were futile. They are aggressive towards anyone who bothers their azaleas, opting to eat them themselves rather than having them removed from their bodies. When the valdmaus' long life comes to an end, the flowers wither instantly, leaving no ways of obtaining any seeds. Therefore, the azaleas make the valdmaus an important creature. Their wooden bodies are the only perfect environment for the otherwise extinct flowers.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real