Name: unnamed
Species: Black Pearl Sea Unicorn
Birthday: Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Owner: VilaWolf

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Stage Progress: 86.80%
Overall Progress: 43.40%

This egg has a colorful fin.

While hippocampi tend to roam around the eastern seas, sea unicorns have staked their migration routes along the western coasts of the continent, ranging from the coastal waterways of alveus to the coasts of the volcanic regions of Calidis. Sea unicorns are a very common sight to ocean fishermen, their herds numbering in the hundreds or even thousands, with colorations ranging from a pale white to a deep black and many other varieties in between. These creatures thrive only in saltwater, and dive deep to consume kelp from the ocean floor. They also have a diet for coral, and will use their horns to scrape off bits of it so they can more easily consume it. Sea unicorns have two primary methods of defense that make people, and predators, wary. Their horns and hooves are strong, and no sea unicorn has ever been seen with a broken horn. Rumor has it that their horns are stronger than diamond, but since one has never been successfully removed, it???s hard to prove the rumor as true or false. Despite fears that a pod of these creatures may inadvertently put a hole in a fisherman???s boat, this has never actually occurred. In addition, the manes of the zebra sea unicorn and the black pearl sea unicorn have tiny spines which secrete a toxin that causes a painful stinging sensation. Despite all this, sea unicorns are good-natured and gentle, and have often rescued individuals who have capsized.

Sprite art: DarrkestDrow | Description: Raneth