Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Eclipse Spectral Wolf
Birthday: Sunday, September 12, 2021
Owner: Apariah
Mother: unnamed
Father: unnamed

Stage Progress: 64.96%
Overall Progress: 82.48%

These pups have little interest in humans, and will nip and snarl at anyone who comes near. Taming them is quite the task. Most magi travel into the woods to bond with their wolf companions, as they have no love for the castle. Wolf hatchlings prefer to tromp around the forest, exploring and learning to hunt from their elders. They are most content when traveling in a pack, alongside adults. Wolf hatchlings are treated well by older wolves, and are shown affection. In return, wolf pups are impudent, and tease adults constantly. Eventually, they goad the others into play, and even the leader of the pack will act like a hatchling and join in the games.

Few dare venture into the woods at night, and fewer still are brave enough to explore very far. Should one need to go into the heart of the forest, it is best to travel with a trusted companion, and to be alert at all times. Dangerous creatures roam the dark center of the woods – deadly spiders, huge bears, sly wolves... Spectral wolves are seldom far from the depths of the Silvan forest, and are one of the more deadly creatures who dwell there. These animals are completely silent when they wish to be, and travel in packs that vary in size. During the night, a strange mist rises up around them, and they seem to melt into the darkness. All that remains is a pair of bright eyes that flash before the wolf attacks. Luckily, wolves find human flesh inedible, and remain far from human settlements. Sheep and other livestock are free from harm, except during the most bitter of winters. There was a time when other types of wolves were all but gone from the world, hunted for their thick coats and to protect herds. Spectral wolves, however, have been in these woods for countless centuries, and show no signs of disappearing. They can evade even the most skilled hunter, and know the forest better than any living man. Wolf companions are most active when the moon is full, and their howls can be heard all the way to the castle. These calls are how spectral wolves communicate, and every haunting call is a message.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien