Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Black Tundra Tylluan
Birthday: Sunday, September 12, 2021

Stage Progress: 77.45%
Overall Progress: 90.56%

These are some of the fuzziest, sleepiest hatchlings to be found at The Keep. They spend most of their time snuggled in their nests, eating whatever is offered to them. Despite having thick feathers to protect them from winter snows, they prefer sleeping to exploring. As they age and master flight, tundra tylluan hatchlings roam farther and farther into the woods, returning only to sleep. Though adult tylluans are not very social birds, owl hatchlings grow quite attached to their magi. Special leather gloves are used to guard against their talons, and treats for them can be found in most magi's pockets.

For some reason, tundra tylluans love the roof of the main library. As soon as night falls, they gather there in groups, eyes gleaming in the dark. Some think tundra tylluans have exceptional hearing, and can understand the murmured conversations taking place below them. They hoot softly to one another, perhaps talking amongst themselves. These companions also like to land outside of classroom windows, and are known to hover nearby when students discuss lessons. Although tundra tylluans can't speak to humans, they communicate well enough, using their beaks to leaf through books and scratching at incorrect answers. Many magi stay up late to work with these birds, and their wisdom is widely known. As soon as dawn approaches, though, the tylluans fly back to the woods, to sleep away the day. If one is looking for a tundra tylluan egg, it's best to kindly ask a tylluan, rather than hunt for one, because it's impossible to sneak up on these companions. Tundra tylluans have a most interesting talent; the ability to turn their heads completely around. Unlike other tylluans, they can do so repeatedly, without harming themselves. It's disconcerting to watch, and these birds know it. They like to do so in front of anyone who finds it alarming. Tundra tylluans can perform this magic even while in flight, and it makes them wonderful hunters. These creatures are also commonly used to guard, as they remain awake all night, are able to effortlessly see in the dark, and are always alert.

Sprite art: DarrkestDrow | Description: Damien