Name: unnamed
Species: Rewin Dragon
Birthday: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Owner: FennecFyre
Mother: Nialee
Father: Pietro

Stage Progress: 95.52%
Overall Progress: 44.24%

This little egg has unusual stripes of bright blue and yellow.

Not many breeds of dragons live far from mountains, but rewin miniatures love warm climates, and thrive on islands. With blue and yellow coloring, they blend in with their surroundings and are skilled hunters. It's difficult to spot these small animals along the floor of the forest, and even harder to catch, as they are very fast and love to roost in the upper branches. Rewin dragons also love to swim, and fish are a large part of their diet. Small but sharp teeth are powerful weapons, as are their claws. A person thinking such a tiny, sweet looking creature is not to be taken seriously is in for a surprise. They attack larger creatures from the sky, diving down and then flying out of reach. They tire quickly, though, and prefer sunbathing to flight. Their homes are usually caves along the beach, cushioned with sand and decorated with beautiful shells and even pearls.

Sprite art: Niwer | Description: Damien