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Name: unnamed Sennen Kitsune Katei
Family: Sennen Kitsune Katei
Generation: 1st
Species: Kitsune
Birthday: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Owner: MakuroMythos
Mother: Haha Oya
Father: Chichi Oya

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Stealth and quiet, kitsune are able to explore without being noticed, sneaking into dangerous territories with ease. This talent is extremely helpful in obtaining eggs from unsafe places, where magi dare not venture themselves. Gently carrying these eggs back in their mouths, kitsune can evade almost any creature with their nimbleness. Seemingly never tired, kitsune make wonderful allies on journeys, rarely needing to rest. Places impossible for a magi to go are easily accessible to a fox, and these animals make useful companions.

With a tawny red color, kitsune stand out brightly against grass, with a white marking on their long, bushy tails. Stealthy and extremely agile, it's incredibly difficult to track one of these foxes to its lair in search of eggs. Its auburn fur makes it difficult to hide in the Silva Forest, but these creatures can also be seen in deserts, where they have adapted to the harsh habitat. With superior intelligence and magical powers, it is impossible to catch a wild kitsune. Raised by magi, however, these creatures are friendly and sweet, and not as cautious as their untamed kindred. They dig dens all around The Keep, hidden and impossible to find.

Sprite art: Niwer | Description: Damien | Side art: Glasswalker