Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Dusk Magellic
Birthday: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Owner: FeralCreature

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Magellics become adults when they molt their hatchling down and grow in their adult feathers. Adult magellics delight in performing, whether for each other or for their companion, and when happy, their songs produce a soothing, calm joy in all who hear it. Their bright colors only add to their appeal as companions, the beautiful patterns on their feathers shifting in time to their songs. Their only fault is that they are incredibly loud, with no interest in ever vocalizing more quietly, and if the fancy strikes them to sing, nothing will stop them. Their volume appears to be the result of intrinsic air magic, used to amplify their vocalizations. This can be used as defense as well, to screech at threats at distressing volumes. Those who have heard an agitated magellic swear that the sound is not only painful to hear, but also instills a wild terror in all who hear it.

Magellics are renowned for their singing, and are highly sought-after companions for their delightful voices and their friendly natures. Dawn magellics have bright, fiery plumage and tend to sing the most early in the morning and sleep with the sun, while dusk magellics have deep purples and blues, and prefer performing in the evening and sleeping during the day. Magi venturing into the Arkene, where wild magellics live, can hear the chorus of whole flocks of penguins singing when the sun rises or sets. Most magi believe this behavior is for the same reason most birds sing in the mornings: to communicate with their neighbors and flock mates, checking in with each other before another day begins. Some people make trips to the Arkene just to watch and hear the wild magellics sing together, though those who choose to set up camp within earshot of those flocks will soon realize they have made a mistake - no reasonable amount of rest can possibly be gained when at least one extremely loud penguin will be singing nearby at any given time.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad