Name: unnamed
Species: Red Avrael
Birthday: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Owner: Anonymous

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Stage Progress: 89.57%
Overall Progress: 41.05%

This egg seems to shine when sunlight hits it.

These companions act much like skioros, always busy collecting nuts and darting through treetops. They live among the skioros in the forest, and the two often form close friendships. There is one glaring difference between these different creatures, though, and that is the beautiful, delicate wings that avraels possess. These wings are lovely to behold, and they look and feel deceptively fragile. Though avraels mostly use these wings to glide from one tree to another, looking for their next meal. People assume that this is the only flight avraels are capable of, but also enjoy accompanying their magi on longer travels. They can fly for hours on end, because of their magical abilities. Avraels are able to call upon wind currents and direct them as they like. They also use this power to knock berries and nuts into their little paws, rather than climb. It's lucky that avraels only control this power enough to remain airborne, otherwise they would be most irritating. It's common knowledge that avraels are tricksters, and villagers go so far as to supply them with treats to keep them from playing pranks. Their favorite game is to rely on their silent flight, using it to their advantage to startle the wits out of people. If one is wandering around a avrael's chosen area, they shouldn't be surprised when they're abruptly bombarded by acorns. When their target shrieks, the avrael scampers to a branch out of reach and chatters loudly. Many students have remarked that this chatter sounds suspiciously like laughter.

Sprite art: Xenomorph/Lazuli/Munin | Description: Damien