Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Alvean Uguay
Birthday: Monday, May 3, 2021
Owner: ibex00

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Stage Progress: 9.21%
Overall Progress: 54.60%

The main activities of young uguay are to eat and focus their energy on the marine plants that grow on their shells. Hatchlings are abandoned by their parents as soon as they're able to feed on their own and it is believed that this treatment is what sparks their dislike for other uguay. If it weren't for the small fish that swim around their plants the uguay hatchlings would exile themselves from the rest of the world completely. Fortunately, the hatchlings grow accustomed to the fish rather quickly as they soon realize these help them grow and maintain their plants by nibbling them, and most importantly they trim the leaves giving them unique looks, something the uguay take pride in from a young age. As soon as they control enough water magic to create bubbles around their plants, the uguay will venture on land during night time in search of specific tasty flowers, their clawed feet helping them immensely in their strolls.

Solitary and prideful creatures, uguay are more focused on the growth of their plants rather than starting and maintaining families. The only times these creatures socialize with other uguay is when they accidentally swim in the same area in search of food or shiny pebbles to decorate their shells. When this happens, the uguay will abandon all activities and begin a fierce competition of showing off their plant-filled shells, tirelessly trying to put the other turtle to shame for hours. It would be an impressive display of unique, complicated swimming patterns with sunrays shining on their shells from different angles if they weren't small enough to be completely ignored by other creatures - that, or the local marine life has gotten tired of the uguay nonsense. Getting these creatures to put their pride aside and mate is a long and tiring effort. Dedicated magi will spend years trying to get two uguay to befriend and finally start a family. If the potent life magic that aids them in growing their plants hadn't been so useful in making healing potions, the struggle to help the uguay survive as a species would have been long forgotten.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real