Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Alvean Uguay
Birthday: Sunday, May 2, 2021
Owner: Ruffian75

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Most uguay adults spend their time at the bottom of lakes, feeding on different plants. If not in the water, the uguay will travel on land to have a taste of different blossoms. It is not an uncommon thing to spot one of these turtles staring into a puddle, admiring their own shells. Alvean uguay prefer to do this at night time, when the moon shines brightly on their shells, giving them a somewhat fluorescent look. This is the best time to approach an uguay as praising their looks might give a magi the chance to befriend them. Many magi who specialize in healing magic take uguay as companions. The sap squeezed from their plants contains potent life magic that is useful in making healing potions and salves. They are easy to care for as the only thing they require is a lake or a pond with small fish. In theory, the most one has to do is to remove a few leaves from the uguay's plants and they're set for a few batches of potions. However, these turtles do not appreciate others touching their most prideful possession and it can result in bitten fingers as they snap at everyone who tries to approach them.

Solitary and prideful creatures, uguay are more focused on the growth of their plants rather than starting and maintaining families. The only times these creatures socialize with other uguay is when they accidentally swim in the same area in search of food or shiny pebbles to decorate their shells. When this happens, the uguay will abandon all activities and begin a fierce competition of showing off their plant-filled shells, tirelessly trying to put the other turtle to shame for hours. It would be an impressive display of unique, complicated swimming patterns with sunrays shining on their shells from different angles if they weren't small enough to be completely ignored by other creatures - that, or the local marine life has gotten tired of the uguay nonsense. Getting these creatures to put their pride aside and mate is a long and tiring effort. Dedicated magi will spend years trying to get two uguay to befriend and finally start a family. If the potent life magic that aids them in growing their plants hadn't been so useful in making healing potions, the struggle to help the uguay survive as a species would have been long forgotten.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real