Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Vanilla Pygmy Wolpertinger
Birthday: Thursday, April 8, 2021
Owner: cg570014

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Stage Progress: 100%
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Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Pygmy wolpertingers come in many color variations and they live in large families in the wild. They make their nests high up in the trees, the sight of colorful tiny heads popping out from dozens of branches being quite magnificent. However, they can disappear in a blink of an eye, now up on a branch hiding between leaves, a second later drinking the nectar from a nearby flower low on the ground. When not busy tending to their young, adult pygmy wolpertingers will search for the tastiest of flowers, fruit or desserts. Their high speeds help them not only to cover large areas in search for food but also to stay safe from predators. They are the fastest just after eating as their state of sugar rush makes them unstoppable from stealing candy from unsuspecting people. They do not do it with ill intent and while many would be annoyed for having their dessert stolen just as they were about to take a bite, the cuteness and sweet scents of these creatures will erase all angry thoughts.

Every end of winter is marked by the arrival of pygmy wolpertingers, their presence and sweet scents considered a much needed change after the cold seasons. Despite being creatures that thrive in the wild moving at incredibly high speeds, pygmy wolpertingers have the tendency to stick around warm homes when the spring season starts as everyone prepares for the vernal celebrations. Magis are no strangers to these creatures as they will flit around the Keep and find their way into the kitchens and pantries in hopes of discovering the sweetest delicacies. No bigger than a ball of yarn, they will squeeze their way through the tiniest cracks only to reach a leftover dessert, or in case of negligence, an entire room full of sweets, decimating it in a manner of minutes. Hiding the sweets in the highest or narrowest of shelves will not help in the slightest, their hummingbird-like wings allowing them to expertly reach the most impossible places.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real