Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Cestoda
Birthday: Friday, November 20, 2020
Owner: Edithwaterheart

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Stage Progress: 50.17%
Overall Progress: 74.18%

Great care must be taken in keeping cestoda hatchlings isolated. If given a chance they will seek out and latch onto anything warm that comes near. Once they have latched on to their victim, they will not let go until the host appears to be sleeping. At this point, they crawl into their host's body, using their powers so as not to cause any pain. These attacks are only common in very young cestodas - as they grow, they come to understand that there are other ways for them to survive. One such way is finding blood without harming anyone. Magi that raise cestodas feed them frequently with fresh blood. However, even with the most diligent care, larval cestoda raised by hand are often sickly, and cannot live well in the wild.

Cestodas are fearsome creatures, virtually untamable and aggressive to all but their own kind. Despite their numerous faults, some magi choose to keep cestodas around because of their remarkable abilities. Cestoda larvae, if applied internally, will cure their hosts of all disease. Regardless of how rare or advanced the disease is, the person will make a full recovery very quickly. Though no one is sure how these companions came to possess such a power, there are theories as to why. These are parasitic companions, who must infest a healthy creature in order to survive. The healthier their host is, the better they are able to supply the cestodas with blood. However, once cured, it is of utmost importance to then remove the cestoda - once mature, they will exit their host without heed to any pain or suffering they cause during their egress. Removal can be effected easily by drinking a medicinal potion, but has the regrettable effect of killing the cestoda in the process. Because of this, these companions are only used in situations of dire emergency. Left to their own, cestodas live by consuming the blood of dead creatures, or small animals such as mice and moles. Understandably, there are few who choose them as companions, but those magi who do are often great healers.

Sprite art: Cassowary/Lazuli | Description: Damien