Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Giant Thelyph
Birthday: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Owner: AlphaWulf0

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The beautiful iridescent shell of a giant theylph seems to contrast starkly with the frightening appearance of these creatures. They resemble enormous scorpions superficially, though they lack a stinger. Their whip-like tail may seem harmless, but it exudes noxious acid that the animal can flick at predators and prey alike. The acid blinds, burns, and otherwise overwhelms the thelyph's victims. While humans are usually not on the menu, especially large thelyphs have been known to attack traveling caravans that come too close, so magi that raise these creatures must be especially cautious. The best practices for thelyph care include ensuring they are fat and comfortable, and given plenty of sand to hide in.

Thelyphs are small creatures found throughout the world under leaf litter, but one of their number stands out for its unusual characteristics. The giant thelyph grows many times larger than its miniscule cousins, reaching the size of a large sheep. Instead of springtails and fleas, the giant thelyph hunts birds and mammals, terrorizing rabbits and jackalopes in the southern deserts by ambushing them from under the sand and spitting noxious acid at them. The thelyphs bury themselves during the day, and at night, if nothing has wandered by, they will emerge and stalk the dunes, looking out for any creatures large enough to sate their hunger. Desert travelers know to give these arthropods their distance, for they are not picky about their prey, but lack the speed to chase down anything wise enough not to come too close.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: PKGriffin