Name: unnamed
Species: Kaetus
Birthday: Sunday, June 28, 2020
Owner: Anonymous

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Holding this round egg leaves you with a sense of calm.

Should one sit at the edge of the Stream, they will see many, many eggs float past, but not any grown companions. Most water creatures remain at a respectful distance from the Stream, spending their time in the lake, or in one of the many brooks that lace through the forest. The same is not true for kaetuses, however; they love the stream. They are very careful not to be spotted, though; an unexplained flash of silver is the only sign of their presence. These graceful companions glide silently along the bottom of the Stream, as well as rivers and brooks, and seldom surface. They are called the watchers of the waters, and devote their lives to scouring all fresh bodies of water and protecting them. When a keatus fish so chooses, it seems to emanate a glowing light, much like that of the moon. The water behind the companion becomes a bright blue, and turns clear and pure. Many attribute the beauty of the Stream to the attention kaetuses award it. Villagers consider these fish to be signs of great luck, as their passing greatly improves the water used in towns. Even rivers that pass through bustling cities are as clean as rivers that flow through the depths of undiscovered mountains. Particularly potent is any water that keatus has just passed through; any flowers sprinkled with this water will remain in bloom for longer than normal. Likewise, plants watered with this will grow at a great rate, and produce most delectable fruits and vegetables. Gardeners at the castle often use this water in order to create larger harvests.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Damien