Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Plectra Amagnae
Birthday: Sunday, December 1, 2019
Owner: WolfeDente

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Stage Progress: 20.85%
Overall Progress: 60.42%

Though born small enough, plectra amagnae grow at alarming speeds, eating everything they see. They take about a year before they start to grow in their adult plumage, so they are easily mistaken for other amagnae chicks when small. Their temperaments are not as testy until then as well; they only become protective of their plumage once their beautiful blue spots appear. This is because plectra amagnae have a strict pecking order determined by beauty. The most dazzling adults get their choice of mate, food, and roost, while drabber individuals have to make do with what little the others leave behind. Hatchlings, though, are adored by all adults and free of the burden of constant grooming, at least until they're kicked out of the hatchling creche.

One of the proudest of creatures, plectra amagnae spend most of their time grooming their spectacular feathers and frills. They will occasionally mingle with other amagnae at feeding time, but one must take care not to mistake them for the other birds. They are spectacularly feisty creatures, even for amagnae, and though not as dangerous as other breeds, plectra amagnae will not hesitate to charge straight for the eyes of anything that displeases them. Their beaks are cruelly sharp, as are their claws, so the threat is not an empty one. For this reason, most creatures give them a wide berth. Despite appearances, they are not particularly wrathful nor skittish; rather, they are concerned about keeping their feathers and webbed frills in peak condition. Even a speck of dust on their plumage will damage their standing among the other plectra amagnae, hence the overreaction to anything that threatens to brush against them. Naturally, this makes most everyone move very slowly and carefully when around plectra amagnae, so as not to enrage them.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: PKGriffin