Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Skelmblor
Birthday: Monday, November 4, 2019
Owner: kanya715

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Skelmblors are enormous creatures. Adults can be as large as a farmhouse with their skeletal wings spread wide. They rarely emerge from underground, however. It is not known if they eat, as their bodies do not seem to require sustenance of any sort, yet they grow all the same. Their travels underground will shake the earth above, and the largest ones can cause massive earthquakes if not strictly controlled. They do love diamonds and other precious, glittering rocks that are pressed deep within the earth, though no one is sure why. Diamonds don’t shine far beneath the earth, after all. Extremely well-trained Skelmblors will even bring back shining stones for their magi, but this is rare. Skelmblors are willful, and as unpredictable as an earthquake. Some magi claim that they do not cause earthquakes, merely travel along fault lines that cause earthquakes themselves, but most don’t believe this.

The rustling of branches, the shaking of trees, and long cracks in the ground mark the passage of a Skelmblor. Most people steer clear of these signs, unwilling to risk meeting the vicious creatures. Quakes generated by them moving deep beneath the earth have ruined farmhouses and frightened any who experienced them. When they approach cities, they bring disaster, and mages are often called to help to lure them away. The creatures favor gems and other shining objects, especially diamonds, and will follow a person holding one for a very long distance, emerging from underground to take their prize when it is offered. Some people believe that these creatures amass vast reserves of treasure and magical items deep underground. However, no one who has ever gone to find one of these mythical hoards has ever returned.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Raneth