Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Orindan Pheasant Gryphon
Birthday: Friday, November 1, 2019
Owner: Kestrad

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Stage Progress: 4.38%
Overall Progress: 52.19%

The last days of autumn are approaching, and there is much work to be done before the first heavy frosts. Today you are assisting in the Keep's gardens, helping to prepare them for the coming winter. As you help to rake leaves from the garden paths, your hatchling watches intently, clearly hoping for a snack. Young orindan pheasant gryphons are not capable of flight but quick reflexes and natural foraging ability have earned it a healthy meal of the last blackberries as well as a few plump grubs. When nothing is found beneath the fallen leaves, your hatchling chirps in disappointment before darting off to see if any of your fellow garden helpers has had better luck.

Not much is known about the ancestors of orindan pheasant gryphons. While today they are found across the world as companions to magi, they are believed to have originated in Silva Forest near the foothills of the Alasre mountain range. They are poor fliers but are very fleet-footed and make excellent messengers in places such as the Keep or a smaller city, particularly among individuals who are allergic to pugeons and other dogs. Ambassadors from the Keep recently presented several pairs to the governments of Triathe, Ageti and Somni for use as such messengers.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: ShaiNeko