Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Indigo Gurita
Birthday: Monday, October 14, 2019
Owner: Adorabamf

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The indigo gurita, despite its frightening reputation, is a delicate creature. Their care is restricted to the most attentive carers, for those who keep the creatures must be able to replicate their natural habitats exactly while also avoiding their potent venom. Part of the reason they have such strong venom is to bring down their prey before it can fight back, as they do not scavenge. An aquaculturist who keeps guritas must select prey that is small enough not to damage the tiny octopus, but still provides the necessary nutrients. The animals are known to be exceedingly picky, which elevates the challenge of keeping them even more. However, those with the dedication, time, and love to give these creatures what they need will be rewarded with the striking beauty of these intelligent creatures.

Wise magi know that colorful creatures are also often deadly, but few creatures embody that notion as much as the indigo gurita. Small octopodes from the Candle Archipelagos, these creatures hide in tiny crevices in reefs and tide pools, coming out at dusk and dawn to snatch up tiny fish. Their bite is so soft that a human can hardly detect it, but their venom is among the most potent toxins known. Most who are bitten die within minutes, though this is not necessarily the animal's intent. They are skittish creatures, easily frightened because of their small size, and unfamiliar with humans in their natural habitat. Their venom is thought to be a way to paralyze fast-moving and magically-protected fish, its potency to humans an unfortunate side effect. That hasn't stopped dark wizards from using it to tip their swords and arrows during battle, and during times of crisis, the black market for indigo gurita venom explodes.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: PKGriffin