Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Thistle Filcher
Birthday: Monday, October 7, 2019
Owner: jmilana

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No one is quite sure how the filchers of Silva Forest became so picky, but despite their need to consume large quantities of food, they are highly selective about what foods they eat. As a result, the creatures live in large groups, sharing food at communal caches to keep each other fed. They are flighty creatures, though they get along well with their own kind and those raised in captivity may adopt many species into their family groups as long as they get enough to eat. Feeding filchers is a constant struggle, as they know very well what they prefer to eat, but what they prefer tends to include exceedingly expensive truffles, herbs, and prize-winning fruits and vegetables. Contrary to popular belief, these creatures do not cook the ingredients they steal, but they do sometimes combine them to flavor. They quite enjoy a well-cooked meal, though, and as well as being bribed by seasonal sweets, some chefs will keep filchers around to help them find the best quality ingredients.

Every year during the darker parts of autumn, dragon-like filchers sneak from the forest to plunder unharvested crops. These beasts need a lot of food, but have a delicate palate and favor the variety of crops humans cultivate to the mushrooms, nuts, and berries they gather in their native home of Silva. Filchers are delicate beings despite their immense size, never keen to fight and easily capable of taking to the air at the first hint of danger. They prefer to work under cover of night, using their small inner hands to gather as many pumpkins, eggplants, apples, and melons they can carry. If discovered mid-burglary, they will usually drop most of their prizes and run off into the night with whatever they can safely tuck away. This makes them a regular nuisance for farmers, whose only solace is that the creatures seem to prefer late-season crops and will rarely venture to raid fields and gardens the rest of the year.

Sprite art: Lazuli/Tekla | Description: PKGriffin