Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Hadean Caprichthys
Birthday: Sunday, July 28, 2019
Owner: Ruinily

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

An adult Hadean caprichthys is a difficult creature to manage, as its nature is to guard the tombs of the dead from any intruder. The creatures form no strong bonds with others, preferring isolation and charging at any who wander too close to their selected territories. Their tendency to guard ancient sea ruins means overzealous undersea explorers may occasionally run into them. Wise adventurers leave the caprichthys alone; they are much more likely to attack with hoof and horn than any sort of magic, but they are the companions of the mermaids and their magic is suspected to be quite powerful. There are many tales of grave robbers trying to loot the temples of Hadean caprichthys, but far fewer who return with their lives, much less any treasure.

The caprichthys are unique companions of the mer-folk, seldom seen for the mer-folk are secretive and live in caves deep underwater. What little is known about their caprichthys usually comes from abandoned undersea temples where the more frightening of the species, the Hadean variety, live. The creatures are a variant of capricorn, bred specifically for the purpose of guarding. As such, they are larger, stronger, and smarter, with heavier hooves and longer horns to frighten off intruders. While encounters with caprichthys are rare and tensions with the mer-folk remain high, their eggs are occasionally given as gifts to magi the mer-folk trust. Hadean caprichthys are far more aggressive than their counterparts, defending the grounds of old temples as though guarding valuables. Some claim that they are Arcadian caprichthys whose homes have been abandoned, the creatures turned corrupted through grief and dark magic. This is of course nonsense, as the mermaids will occasionally gift Hadean caprichthys eggs to magi they come to know well. It is noteworthy, however, that they never confirm nor deny the rumors. And the Hadean egg gifts often turn into something more like a curse...

Sprite art: Borealum | Description: PKGriffin