Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: Prisma
Species: Vernal Butterfly
Birthday: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Owner: Scorpionrider
Mother: unnamed
Father: unnamed

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Vernal butterflies are a welcome sight at the castle and a sign of spring. Many magi can be found out in the gardens watching as the butterflies flutter from flower to flower, their colorful wings shining in the light of the day. Fully grown vernal butterflies have complete control over their scent glands. They are able to produce a wide array of aromas that can alter the minds of beasts and people alike, making them feel any number of emotions. As they fly, they produce a faintly sweet aroma that relaxes anyone around. Some magi can become so relaxed around the butterflies that they fall into a trance-like state and see glimpses of the past, present, and sometimes the future. Though, this is a rare occurrence, it makes them a favorite for a magi studying divination.

Wild vernal butterflies can not be caught and will leave anything that tries extremely confused for several minutes, or even hours. It is not uncommon to see a young magi who tried to capture one, wandering around asking who they are, where they are, or even talking to paintings. If raised from an egg however, they will sit atop their magi's head, or hand, giving off a slight heat from their bodies. Vernal butterflies need light to be seen. In shadows they fade, becoming barely visible. In darkness, they fade away completely. If left in the dark for too long though, they will die. At night the butterflies can be found around any light source they can find. The butterflies leave the Keep late in summer, signaling the beginning of Autumn. No one is quite sure as to where vernal butterflies originated from. Some say they are made from magic, others say they were transported here from far away lands across the ocean.

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Jrap17