Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Piasa Bird
Birthday: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Owner: Scorpionrider
Mother: Claw
Father: Talon

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Stage Progress: 22.57%
Overall Progress: 55.17%

Piasa bird eggs must be constantly kept by water. The moment the egg hatches, a clumsy bird emerges, extremely dehydrated. Only after gulping down what seems to be half of Lake Lakira is the little one able to pause for breath. Then the the bird's magi can truly take in the beauty of their new companion. Although piasa bird hatchlings are shy around humans, their curiosity makes them friendlier than the adults. It is important to create a close bond, because once this little bird has reached adulthood, it will become even less sociable.

Piasa is an almost forgotten word that translates to 'thirsty'. These birds certainly fit that description – they must drink so often that they are forced to live by water. No one is quite sure where their incredible thirst comes from, though some old wives believe it to be a curse. The tale goes that an incredibly vain bird longed to be more beautiful, and one day saw a dragon pass by, flying high up in the sky. The bird was so taken with the dragon's beauty that the selfish avian called upon dark magic to steal the dragon's life and drain it of its magic. The transmogrification was only halfway complete when a nearby water god saw the act and halted the spell. But it was too late; the piasa bird was no longer a normal bird, but neither was it a full dragon. To punish the bird for its cruel actions, the god filled the piasa with such thirst that it could never rest or be at peace. The only liquid that quenches their driving need for water is blood, though that too is only a temporary solution. Because the piasa birds cannot stray far from water, their ability to find prey is severely limited, and they are not able to prey upon many. They would have continued their life of exile if not for the day when one of their hiding spots was accidentally discovered. An ancient mural was painted on a bluff, apparently to warn travelers away from the bloodthirsty birds. The mural showed several piasa birds, their sharp talons covered in blood, their beaks open with murderous intent. Despite their apparent cruelty, the birds were also lovely to behold, their gold and silver feathers catching the sun's rays. A passing magi happened to spot the beautiful depiction, and approaching it, discovered a nearby cave of piasa birds. Fortunately, centuries had somewhat calmed their bloodthirsty natures, and the magi left with both his life and an egg.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien