Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Bathyal Dunkleosteus
Birthday: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Owner: Hitsugaya

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At over ten meters long and armed with shearing plates instead of teeth, an adult dunkleosteus is a near-unstoppable force in the waters where it resides. Though not particularly fast swimmers, dunkleosteus can open and extend their jaws to snap up prey before an onlooker can blink. These massive fish have forgone sharpened teeth for a bladelike bony projection that extends off the lower jaw and parts of the cranium and allows the fish to easily pierce through the toughest hides. They use this to their advantage, preying upon nearly any large creature they can catch, whether turtles, sharks, whales, or even other armored fish. Some dunkleosteus have been known to cannibalize younger fish, and so they must be kept separate from the adults until they are large enough to withstand infrequent attacks. Dunkleosteus are typically ambush predators, and will only attack when they are well in range of their targets.

Bathyal dunkleosteus are reclusive creatures that live in the depths of the open ocean, steering clear from most landforms and feeding on whatever creatures they come across in their travels. They are rare, but widespread, circumnavigating the globe many times throughout their lives, and never settling on one place for long. They may go years between visits to the surface waters, so sightings are exceedingly uncommon, leading to the myth among sailors that there is only one bathyal dunkleosteus in the whole world, and that she has been swimming in the ocean since fish first appeared. Water magi will occasionally go on expeditions to find bathyal dunkleosteus in the open ocean, swimming down to their depths with the help of magic and koi fish, but they are more often found as eggs that infrequently wash ashore. Bathyal dunkleosteus grow larger than their euphotic cousins, though they still seem to enjoy swimming around in Lake Lakira.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: PKGriffin