Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Sacer Crystalwing
Birthday: Monday, May 6, 2019
Owner: lenora4321

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This double-winged egg grows warm and bright when set in the sunlight.

Sacer crystalwings like nothing better than to lie in the sun and will complain if anyone or anything tries to make them move. They rely on their speed and small size if they're ever in danger, but as they generally taste burnt no matter what, few creatures bother to eat them. They're not hostile creatures but seem to view most magi as walking heaters rather than companions or friends. Just being awake appears to annoy them; when looking for food or a proper sunbeam, they tend to grumble in disgruntlement to themselves.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Sochitelya