Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Babitanah
Birthday: Friday, February 22, 2019
Owner: Scorpionrider

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Fully-grown, a babitanah can be over ten feet long and easily sturdy enough for a brave magi to ride upon. They aren't fast like their cehual cousins, but if trained from a young age, they can become accustomed to a specialized saddle and ridden through many unforgiving environments. They're a favorite mount for search and rescue parties due to their strong sense of smell and fierce tusks, which allow them to move obstacles and protect their rider from danger. When they're not working, babitanahs are on a constant search for food. They're not especially lazy, despite common misconceptions, and tend to be active through much of the day and night. While females and young pigs are amiable toward one another, males defend small territories from strange pigs, becoming much more aggressive during the breeding season. At the Keep, babitanah boars are given enchanted dummies to defend their territories against instead of other pigs, and their pens are kept a good distance away from each other to keep them all from getting seriously injured.

Many animals have impressive tusks, but few are as spectacular as the curled canines of an adult male babitanah. Males use their tusks in combat, rutting with each other to defend their territories and impress onlooking females. The fights can go on for hours, even days, and become quite bloody if neither combatant is willing to back down. While the upper tusks are by far the most noteworthy, growing continually throughout the animal's life and requiring constant grinding to keep from piercing their own skull, they're actually used primarily for self-defense. The upper teeth form a sort of shield between a babitanah and its opponent, while the straight lower teeth form gouging weapons capable of doing considerable damage. A female's tusks are much smaller by comparison, but don't be fooled -- any determined babitanah can make quick work of whatever displeases them with those tusks.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: PKGriffin