Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Dulcine Amagnae
Birthday: Saturday, November 24, 2018
Owner: LunarCursed13

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Dulcine amagnae are made entirely out of sugar and have quite the taste for it. Like glass phoenixes, they only eat the substances that make up their bodies, both to heal and simply because they seem to like it. Whatever they consume along with the sugar is incorporated into their wispy feathers, which can become scented or colored if they eat sugar locked up in some other sort of treat. Unlike glass phoenixes, however, dulcine amagnae are surprisingly gentle and obedient as adults, easy to train with rewards of brightly-dyed sugar. They act much like living animals, following their caretakers around and even cuddling. The birds make excellent family companions, provided any children around them don't try to pluck and eat their sweet feathers. Taken carefully, small clippings of dulcine amagnae feathers can be added to foods to make them more magically potent and delicious.

These birds are the sweetest around -- in every sense of the word! Dulcine amagnae are odd little creatures, more akin to the crafted animals of the Artificers Association than the creatures you might find in the Stream. These amagnae appear to be nearly immortal, able to repair themselves from almost any wound by consuming sugar and similar sweet treats like honey. The baker Mendalaus originally spun them from enchanted sugar, though related spells can be placed on living amagnae to turn them into the dulcine variety. Although amagnae tend not to have magical abilities of their own, their life energy can sustain the enchantment and allow them to live with a sugary body as long as they like. Dulcine amagnae transformed from flesh-and-blood birds seem to retain the memories of the originals, though their behavior tends to mellow somewhat.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: PKGriffin