Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Harvest Quilin
Birthday: Monday, November 19, 2018
Owner: Imperialism

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Stage Progress: 8.23%
Overall Progress: 54.11%

Harvest Quilin hatchlings are intensely curious. They will closely follow their magi around the Keep, and their inquisitiveness seems to be focused around food. They enjoy observing what people eat, and in the wild, hatchling quilins will observe what other species eat. It is thought they are learning what foods are best to grow and provide for other species when they become adults. However, they very much enjoy sharing food, and will not turn down tasty morsels provided. Aside from their curiosity and a desire to be near others, they are otherwise self-sufficient, and don’t require much nurturing by either their parents or their magi. Many magi say that they feel the Quilin are studying them as much as they study Quilin.

As the nights lengthen, the harvest begins, and one of the symbols of the harvest in any city in the world is the appearance of the Harvest Quilin. No one can quite recall when they first appeared, but they are a predictable sight in autumn. Without fail, a group of Quilins will arrive just before the harvest begins, working their magic on the crops. Beneath their hooves, pumpkins and squashes will grow to incredibly large proportions, and vegetables like carrots and potatoes will grow enormous underground. Seeing these creatures always brings celebration, because people will know the harvest will be a good one. Once the harvest begins, the Qulins will help carry the crops, and the food they carry in their horns will magically multiply. They love the presence of people, and it is thought they help crops grow to ensure people will stay in a particular place in large numbers. However, they will also grow food and help harvest for other species when humans aren’t present, and there are tales of a variety of Quilin who help flowers grow to help harvest pollen for large hives of bees.

Sprite art: Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Raneth