Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Aurean Globefish
Birthday: Monday, June 18, 2018
Owner: Ruinily

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Stage Progress: 33.60%
Overall Progress: 16.80%

This egg resembles a tiny gold pearl.

Globefish get their metallic sheen from dissolved particles of metals and minerals in the water around them, and as such have no need to consume food. The translucent membrane that encases much of their bodies is simply a bubble, and if the fish is removed from water, the bubble disappears and their metallic mouths and fins remain unmoving until they are returned to a still pool. This seems to have no deleterious effect on the fish, and as long as all of their pieces are returned, they will create a new bubble and continue with their lives as though nothing has happened. For eons, magi have noticed the rejuvenating properties of the water where globefish live, which may sooth burns and heal scars. Some claim that this water can extend one's life, and every large city has vendors who sell globefish elixirs. The magi keep globefish elixirs for burns only, and use the fish themselves in healing procedures for elderly creatures. Unlike koi, globefish cannot truly repair injuries, but they can help ease pain.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: PKGriffin