Frozen Male Hatchling

Frozen Male Hatchling
Name: Hjarnskadi
Species: Jord Jormungandr
Birthday: Sunday, April 15, 2018
Owner: Morohtar

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Stage Progress: 99.80%
Overall Progress: 99.90%

Jord jormungandr will only hatch when buried in sand, and are surprisingly small; approximately the length of a man's forearm, and thin enough that they can be confused with snakes. However, they grow rapidly and with this growth comes a large appetite, with a marked preference for fiery creatures. As hatchlings, jormungandr don't yet have the ability to generate poison, but they can still deliver a nasty bite if provoked or caught unawares. Jord jormungandr seem to need heat to grow and are happiest when kept in a desert environment, especially if they can easily get to a nearby volcano.

Jormungandr are great serpents who grow endlessly and, as far as magi can tell, have achieved immortality. Although a jormungandr can be killed by weapons or accidents, they seem unable to age or become ill. Generally antisocial, jormungandr rarely bond with magi and must be politely asked to cooperate, else they can become aggressive. Though once thought to be strictly an ocean species, where they can grow to great lengths in the depths, a second species of jormungandr has been recently found in the Etain Desert.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Sochitelya