Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: Utgard
Species: Jord Jormungandr
Birthday: Thursday, April 5, 2018
Owner: Rinnyracecar

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Stage Progress: 100%
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Adult jord jormungandr are darker than their ocean-dwelling cousins, but still gleam beneath the desert sunlight in coppery tones for the female and black and gold for the male. Colouring is the only way to tell male and female jormungandr apart, as they can grow to equal sizes and both parents look after eggs. As a fully-grown adult, a jord jormungandr will build an extensive burrow beneath the sand and rock of the desert that allows them to quickly travel without being seen, and ambush prey. Adults jormungandr are capable of producing a deadly poison that can easily kill a person, but some magi think this poison can be diluted if they carry a jormungandr scale for protection.

Jormungandr are great serpents who grow endlessly and, as far as magi can tell, have achieved immortality. Although a jormungandr can be killed by weapons or accidents, they seem unable to age or become ill. Generally antisocial, jormungandr rarely bond with magi and must be politely asked to cooperate, else they can become aggressive. Though once thought to be strictly an ocean species, where they can grow to great lengths in the depths, a second species of jormungandr has been recently found in the Etain Desert.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Sochitelya