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Molten Dynastis #772


Dynastis are found all over the world, each type making its home in a specific location. Molten dynastis live in lava fields and deserts, which means magi searching for them need to be able to stand the heat. Although their wings are beautiful, they're essentially useless for flight and instead are used to communicate; different tones and pitches of their hum can be used to attract mates, signal danger, or just for showing they're in a good mood. Approximately the size of a magi's head, molten dynastis enjoy sprawling across their magi's shoulders, which is great for warmth in cold weather and like carrying around a fire-hot brick in the summer.


This black egg makes a low, sweet humming noise.


Dynastis hatchlings are small but make up for their size in curiosity and affection. They enjoy exploring and will happily spend a day in their magi's pocket, especially if they get to climb out every now and then to inspect whatever's nearby. Molten dynastis hatchlings are as warm as sun-baked stone and will often spend their time sunning in whatever patch of sunlight is nearest. When frightened or startled, dynastis hatchlings make a loud shrieking noise which usually scares off most predators and unsuspecting passersby.


Adult dynastis may look fierce - and they can be - but despite their horns and flat, leathery scales, they're affectionate creatures and social with magi. Males will fight each other if placed together in an area where neither can escape, but generally they tolerate other creatures that share space with them. As adults, dynastis are usually more interested in exploring or singing, alone or in small groups. Adult molten dynastis can light a fire with their singing, though they usually find it easier to use the talent to coax coals back into flame. An adult dynastis is a pleasant companion but not generally one that can be taken on long journeys, and they don't usually do well outside of their specific biome.


Obtained from: Quest, Grass Forest
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: April 28th 2017

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

Breeds with the following:
Molten Dynastis + Molten Dynastis = Molten Dynastis (Easy)
Molten Dynastis + Berry Dynastis = Molten Dynastis (Normal)
Molten Dynastis + Berry Dynastis = Berry Dynastis (Normal)
Molten Dynastis + Brindle Dynastis = Molten Dynastis (Normal)
Molten Dynastis + Brindle Dynastis = Brindle Dynastis (Normal)

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Sochitelya

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