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Arkenian Gulo #520


Originally thought to be extinct, arkenian gulo have recently made a return in population. Ancient people once trapped gulo for their warm pelts, aware that the fur could resist even the bitterest of winters. While the impact of this activity resulted in the disappearance of these creatures, it allowed gulo to perfect their ability of stealth. Even magi have a difficult time studying these creatures as they seemingly disappear in the snow. Indeed they do - arkenian gulo can meld their bodies into snowpack. A gulo will often escape danger by forming itself into a snowball and attempting to roll away from the threat.


This soft, brown egg shudders with a winter chill.


Your arkenian gulo hatchling has grown rambunctious, its feisty personality difficult to tame. It is not uncommon to return home to find your fabric belongings torn and strewn about, the culprit nowhere to be seen. Even casually socializing with your hatchling results in painful bites and scratches. These aggressive traits prepare gulo young for adulthood, their skills in hunting and stealth being honed through rough play and hide-and-seek. Hatchlings are best entertained in the wintertime with the arrival of snow. Given the chance, gulo pups will spend the entirety of the cold season outside, carefully excavating snow tunnels and disappearing for days.


Once mature, arkenian gulo possess a beautiful chocolate coat of thick fur, perfect for shielding against cold weather. While only a fifth of the size of an adult nandi bear, arkenian gulo possess double the savage behavior. Gulo are naturally solitary, male and female only pairing briefly to raise young. Juvenile gulo will wander arctic expanses for years, seeking territories that are vast and snowy. Despite a seemingly grumpy nature, you will find no better companion to take with you to the northern edges of the World. Arkenian gulo will fiercely protect and defend their magi and those that share a particularly strong bond will find that their gulo often brings them frozen tidbits of meat.


Obtained from: Donation (Aug)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: August 15th 2014

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Arkenian Gulo + Arkenian Gulo = Arkenian Gulo (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards

August 2014 Midmonth Donation Pet

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: GlassWalker

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