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Lucinis Ornithoatl #1494


When not searching for new books to read or a new problem to solve, lucinis ornithoatls spend their time sunning themselves, playing in the water, or both at the same time. Magi having trouble with their research will often seek them out at Lake Lakira, one of their favorite spots, in search of one amenable to being contracted to help. Lucinis ornithoatls don't speak, but are telepathic, and have excellent memories and enjoy applying their knowledge towards helping researchers as long as they are paid in food to do so. While the ornithoatls are capable of feeding themselves and do so when not employed, they find it a suboptimal use of their time. However, those who use their help need to plan to be relatively unproductive come mid-spring, as that is when these creatures breed, and so they are much more preoccupied with raising their hatchlings than doing research during this time. This tends to pay off, though, as young ornithoatls often get drafted by the parents into helping once old enough, and the combined brainpower has led to many breakthroughs.


A beautiful pink pair of wings and a tail are poking out of this egg.


Lucinis ornithoatl hatchlings are surprisingly placid, and are fairly self-sufficient from the moment they hatch, though they still stick closely to their parent or magi. Unlike the similarly-colored birds for which they are named, lucinis ornithoatl hatchlings are not particularly filled with rage, nor are they particularly demanding of praise and attention, though they accept treats and pets from their magi readily enough. Even from a young age, though, they are astute and intelligent, often demanding to be read to by any magi nearby. Being hatchlings, though, they also require a lot of sleep, and so it is not uncommon in the spring to find a magi surrounded by sleeping lucinis ornithoatls, the hatchlings having nodded off while being read a particularly dry thesis.


Lucinis ornithoatls become ever more graceful as they grow, and adults are wonderful to behold as they fly past overhead, or more commonly, slither around the Keep's library in search of an interesting book to read. Lucinis ornithoatl adults are somewhat aloof and mostly interested in pondering whatever problem they have been tasked with solving, though they are affectionate with their chosen mate, and will accept attention from their magi companion. Every so often, due to their similar appearance to lucinis birds, someone might decide to ask one to solve a relationship problem. This is generally not advised, though, as while these ornithoatls are excellent at synthesizing their reading for intellectual pursuits and also tend to form strong mating bonds, this does not extend to formulating good advice for matters of the heart.


Obtained from: Shop, Donation Shop: 5 shards
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: April 1st 2024

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

April 2024 5-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad

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