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Swamp Arkados #1445


The akardos can usually be found at the bottom of swamps, lakes, and ponds, hiding under dark-colored vegetation where the water is the coldest. Solitary and antisocial, the akardos are more likely to form bonds with humans than with other creatures. Few try to approach them, and even fewer keep them as companions, as a heart of steel is required to be in the presence of an akardos. Although the akardos would naturally be taken care of by the members of the Society of the Trident, those who specialize in dark magic are the ones who handle these creatures most of the time. An akardos' personality is apathetic at best and cruel at worst. These creatures manipulate the warmth of the water particles in the air, changing the temperature as they see fit. The temperature changes induce a variety of feelings, most of the time negative. It is rare for an akardos to create positive feelings willingly. A cold area in the presence of an akardos induces fear and anxiety. Freezing temperatures cause dread and paranoia. Only those who went through years of hardship can stay in the company of akardos, and most of the time, these people have no intention of training the akardos to raise the temperatures in hopes of providing happiness or joy.


Touching this egg makes you feel paranoid.


These cute, round hatchlings can be found out of the water perched on tree branches, sunbathing. Their big eyes can deceive many, giving them a look of innocence. In reality, they are the opposite of that. Sudden panic attacks overcome those who approach these creatures. If in a good mood, the hatchlings will only induce mild anxiety or fear. Unfortunately, the hatchlings are always bothered by something: the sun shining too brightly in the sky, the birds chirping too loudly, or the wind blowing too softly. If the hatchlings are in a bad mood, those around them must share the same feelings - only five times worse. The arkados hatchlings change the temperature of the water particles in the air, inducing all sorts of negative emotions. Even those who overcome the fear caused by them and dare to pet them will be rewarded with bad feelings as the hatchlings are bothered by the pets just as much as by everything else.


Most swamps and lakes are populated by at least one family of arkados. These families are very unconventional. They consist of two adults and five to eight hatchlings. The adults care for the hatchlings but do so in a very unfriendly manner. If observed for a few days, one would conclude that these creatures all hate each other, but only because the arkados are always grumpy. While the hatchlings like to sit in the sun, the adults prefer the safety of the water. The arkados are swift swimmers, traveling long distances with ease, even in shallow waters. Despite their sharp claws and teeth, the arkados are herbivores. They feed on roots and grass and sometimes even flowers. Some speculate the arkados used to be carnivores but changed over the years as their magic doesn't affect only people. Bugs and other creatures are influenced by the arkados' magic just as much, and they all learned to keep their distance from the arkados. So even if the arkados would want to hunt, they won't find any prey as everyone and everything scurries away as soon as they sense the presence of these creatures. No creature wants to feel afraid all the time.


Obtained from: Donation (Oct)
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: October 1st 2023

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

October 2023 3-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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