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Chikumba Bruje #1442


While some of their relatives are found in less ashy environments, the chikumba brujes prefer the desolated Scarlands. The cracked solidified lava offers them protection, often serving as camouflage too. There are a few legends about these creatures, all depicting the brujes as fierce and loyal companions. It takes years to tame a chikumba bruje, as the creature's vile nature can lead to many unpleasant experiences. However, once the beast is tamed, it will be forever loyal to its master. Ancient paintings show many great warriors with brujes at their side, symbols of power and cunning. One of the legends in particular mentions how great warriors were able to turn into chikumba brujes, but there are no writings in any history books that prove this. Some have attempted to bring the beasts into larger cities, but the brujes have proven time and time again that they prefer the freedom of the Scarlands over crowded places. Over time the brujes became more accustomed to people, and nowadays, people speak of the chikumba brujes as loyal companions, useful in tracking those who are lost.


This striped egg chitters constantly.


Your chikumba bruje hatchling is louder than birds in the morning. It will bark and chirp at you, sometimes even giggle, as if to ask when the next trip in nature is going to happen. Your little hatchling seems happy at the Keep, where it plays with the other young of its kind. When not around them, the bruje hatchling will busy itself with your cloaks, biting the hems and leaving large holes in them. You try to teach it some manners, but the bruje hatchling always wins. There is a small part of the hatchling's wild side that you know will never be tamed. You know that sooner or later you bruje will leave with the others, to explore its native lands but until then you enjoy its company as much as you can. Feeding the bruje can be a disturbing sight since the hatchling tends to drag its food all over the place before settling down to eat it. However, you are proud to notice that your hatchling is not only strong, but fierce as well. It never backs down from a fight with any of the other bruje young, ready to prove its mightiness.


Smaller still than the other brujes, the chikumba is just as fierce and loyal. Maybe not as bright as its relatives, your chikumba bruje can have its moments of silliness, especially when around you. Trusting you enough to know no harm will come, the bruje will lay on its back, with its belly ready for scratches. The bruje is not interested only in your attention. It will also protect you with all of its might. Although it enjoys being fed by you or anyone else at the Keep, the bruje will be absent for several days taking its time to scavenge on its own or even hunt. There are a few months each year when the bruje leaves your side to venture into the Scarlands, but you know, without doubt, it will return to you. You suspect one day your bruje will return with a partner of its own, chirping and giggling with joy. Then again, the chikumba bruje is more solitary compared to the mafupa or nyama, so finding a partner in one of the brujes living at the Keep is just as probable.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Etain Desert
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: September 15th 2023

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Real

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