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Nyama Bruje #1441


If you travel far from the Keep to lands less known to humans, you will find stretching lands of savanna, the perfect habitats for many species. These are the territories of the nyama bruje. Depicted as ferocious beasts that possess powerful magic, the nyama brujes are surrounded by many legends. Those that talk about brujes as cunning and loyal creatures are closer to the truth than the stories which involve strange magic. Nevertheless, the many legends may speak many truths to those who believe them. Nomad tribes that travel the desert of Etain speak of the brujes as savage beasts capable of eating creatures three times larger than the brujes themselves in one bite. Others speak of the brujes as powerful monsters that waged wars under the rule of ancient magis. Some see them as evil creatures that are to be avoided at all costs, while others worship them for their cunning nature. However, no matter the legend, they all have one thing in common. The brujes are to be respected, lest they unleash chaos.


This brown egg chitters constantly.


Despite all ominous-sounding legends, you have decided to take in your care a small nyama bruje. It is a loud hatchling, constantly making all sorts of noises as if to let the world know about everything it discovers. Smarter than most hatchlings, the nyama bruje appears to understand the things you say, following orders easily. It behaves most of the time, knowing its sharp teeth can easily pierce through flesh and bone if not careful enough. Although it enjoys playing with the other brujes outside the Keep, your bruje seems to yearn for the lands of the savanna. Not caring about its size difference from the other bruje hatchlings, your nyama is ready to fight for food, even the largest of mafupa brujes. You feed your bruje alongside the others found and the Keep, but once in a while, your cub will prefer to scavenge on its own. Even if the bruje hatchling becomes more aggressive as it ages, your cub remains loyal to you, considering you a friend as much as a companion.


Said to be as smart as great apes, your adult bruje companion watches you with intelligence in its eyes. While it remains forever loyal to you, the bruje gives in to its yearning, often visiting savanna and desert lands for extended periods. You need not worry, as the bruje always returns to you once summer arrives. Now more behaved than it used to be as a hatchling, the bruje scavenges on its own. It uses its impressive sense of smell to find food miles away from its current location. When larger prey is found, your bruje has to join a small pack so it can succeed in the hunt. Whether it joins a small family or other stray nyama brujes, they work together to take down the prey. Their teeth can tear through seemingly anything, flesh and bone alike, making them dreadful creatures. Until it makes a family of its own, your bruje will never stick with the pack after the hunt is over. As it was raised at the Keep, your bruje is more independent than wild ones. It is more comfortable with your presence than with the one of an untamed bruje.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Etain Desert
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: September 15th 2023

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Real

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