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Azull Quetzalcoatl #1436


The azull quetzalcoatl is a revered creature for its clairvoyant powers. It is usually present in temples that venerate the old gods, and few people other than the priests are allowed to come near the azull queztalcoatl. The creature is rarely seen outside temples, and many believe the priests breed the quetzalcoatl exclusively to serve them. This theory might not be true, as the azull quetzalcoatl is a skilled flyer, and it is possible for its nests to be hidden deep inside the Ixan territory. However, no soul is brave enough to venture inside the thick jungle and search for this magnificent creature. Old and wise magi who keep azull quetzalcoatls as companions were gifted the eggs from the parents as a form of respect, the quetzalcoatls knowing well enough their offspring will be in good hands. Unfortunately, though, azull quetzalcoatl eggs are frequently found in the hands of black market vendors – stolen from temples more often than not – and young magi buy them foolishly, not knowing just how much care and patience has to be put into raising an azull quetzalcoatl so it can reach to its full power.


This blue egg is as smooth as a polished gem, with feathers decorating it.


Strange shapes are always visible inside the temple walls during sermons. For the untrained eye, they appear like ghostly shapes, coiling and stretching like liquid shadows. People usually attribute them to gods or demons, but this is just their imagination at play. The strange shadows belong to the azull quetzalcoatl hatchlings. The noodle-like creatures are small but active, usually present during important preaching, studying the room, or silently playing around the torches. They are harmless but like to spook people by slithering up on shoulders and around necks. The priests tolerate this only because they know how important the hatchlings will be once they grow. There are skilled magi and priests alike who see about training the hatchlings. Patience is needed for the creatures to reach their full potential. Fortunately, the hatchlings are eager to learn how to use their magic, sometimes even competing with each other to see which one gets to manifest their magic first.


The origin of the azull quetzalcoatl has always been questioned. The most absurd story is that long ago, the devoted daughter of a high priest swallowed an emerald, later giving birth to an azull quetzalcoatl egg. As unrealistic as it might sound, there are people who still believe this to be true as they associate the quetzalcoatl’s power with the legend. Once it reaches adulthood, the azull quetzalcoatl manifests its powers in the purest form. All the precious stones they touch become enchanted for long periods of time. The priests carefully gather these stones and display them in beautiful glass encasings around the temple for people to marvel at. The azull quetzalcoatl’s powers come into play only when people stare at the enchanted gemstones long enough. Simple gemstones only show distorted reflections, while the enchanted ones show glimpses of possible futures. Magi consider this a dangerous thing, as someone might see their own death if looking at a gemstone enchanted by the azull quetzalcoatl and frown upon the practice of displaying them inside the temples. Even so, the priests insist that such a power should not go to waste and allow the curious to see glimpses of their future. Those who see only death and destruction may renounce their faith or accuse the quetzalcoatls of heresy, while those who receive good news bring coins and treats to the creatures as payment. Unfortunately, no one stops to consider that the quetzalcoatls have no control over the future and that what they show is a simple future possibility out of many.


Obtained from: Donation (Jul)
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: July 1st 2023

Element: Light An icon depicting the element Light

July 2023 3-shard Donation pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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