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Tainted Hound #1393


For those wandering Silva Forest at night, they may never know that they are being watched until it is too late. One should alway be wary of tainted hounds as they will follow magis silently in the dark, waiting for them to stumble before they attack. If a magi, or any other unfortunate creature manages to escape a tainted hound's jaws, they never make it far before the venom coursing through their veins takes its course. While they look similar to the inferno hound, tainted hounds are easily recognizable by their skeletal appearance and rib cage filled with a toxic purple sludge. This purple sludge is what gives the tainted hound life and without it, it would be nothing more than a pile of bones.


This egg is shaped like a ribcage and is filled will a thick, purple sludge.


A tainted hound egg does not hatch in the traditional sense, but instead falls apart into a pile of bones and a small puddle of thick purple sludge. This purple sludge is not as toxic as a fully grown tainted hound, but it still needs to be handled carefully as it can make magis extremely sick. Over the next few days a magi needs to continually feed the sludge bottles of various poisons and other toxic substances. Soon, the bones will fuse together and form a small hatchling. A hatchling tainted hound needs plenty of bones and poisonous substances to eat and drink as they grow. Hatchlings are a lot more docile than adults and it is at this point that a magi must take care to tame them properly as once they grow into adults, it is nearly an impossible task.


If raised properly, a tainted hound can be kept as a companion; though they are extremely toxic and should always be handled with care. Though they have no need to eat as they will not starve, tainted hounds do eat bones any chance they get as it strengthens their bones and repairs any breaks they may have acquired. While there are some magis who collect the toxic sludge to sell in the black market for various purposes; many magis who keep these hounds use them for forging. Swords and metal work cooled in the purple sludge from the tainted hound has distinct purple shimmering veins that are unable to be replicated by other means, and as such, has become a hot commodity sold in Synara City.


Obtained from: Stream (uncommon) Tributary: Mountain Pass Junction
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: March 22nd 2023

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Tainted Hound + Tainted Hound = Tainted Hound
Inferno Hound + Tainted Hound = Inferno Hound
Inferno Hound + Tainted Hound = Tainted Hound

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Jrap17

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