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Haitu #1388


With beautifully soft, pleasingly patterned fur and a gentle, loving disposition, haitu would be ideal companions if it weren't for their tendency to leave giant puddles wherever they go. Haitu love swimming, in the ocean in particular, and in fact sometimes disappear for weeks at a time into the sea, leading to speculation that they might change form during that time. On land, they attract and control water, trailing it around themselves in gorgeous swirling patterns, and leave a puddle within minutes wherever they rest. Despite this, their fur is always inexplicably dry wherever a magi pets them. Haitu molt every few months, and the shed hair is also always inexplicably dry. Their shed wool is gathered up to make wondrously soft, warm garments that regulate moisture perfectly, though washing them requires a special spell, and the garments are always purple, resisting all efforts to dye them any other color.


This purple egg attracts water. Two large ears have emerged from it.


From the moment they hatch, haitu are surrounded by water. While making the water swirl in pretty patterns around them seems to be a passive ability, hatchlings are much more prone to splashing whatever is in their vicinity constantly. Combined with how affectionate hatchling haitu are, raising one makes for a very wet experience. They are very self sufficient as far as hatchlings go, though, going for long swims when not demanding moist cuddles and apparently grazing on underwater vegetation during those swims, since they have little interest in being fed by their magi. It's still recommended that a magi keep an eye on their hatchling when it's not underwater, though, as the swirling water around them is not yet strong enough to fend off predators.


Haitu adults are very large, usually half again the size of an average house cat. Water swirls in a constant torrent around them, strongly enough to deter most predators that aren't discouraged by their size. Unlike most magical creatures, haitu are relatively prolific breeders, such that sometimes a pair will be raising more than one hatchling at a time. Haitu form loving family groups, and it's not uncommon for a pair to also help raise their children's offspring. Entire families of haitu will happily go for swims and disappear underwater together. Magi still haven't figured out where exactly they go. Keep folklore has it that one researcher placed twelve tracking spells on her haitu, each more advanced than the last, in the hopes of figuring out where it disappeared to underwater, only for each spell to flicker out, one after the other, at which point the haitu reappeared in her room. The last part of that story is probably a particularly fanciful embellishment, as no teleportation ability has yet to be observed in any haitu at the Keep.


Obtained from: Donation (Feb)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: February 15th 2023

Element: Water An icon depicting the element Water

Breeds with the following:
Haitu + Haitu = Haitu Cost: 3 shards

February 2023 Midmonth Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad

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