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Kaminku Ikonoki #1386


The ikonoki is a creature made of paper, folded and then enchanted to look and act alive. This creature is small and full of energy, and it is hard not to grow attached to it when it is so full of life. Living for as long as the enchantment lasts, the ikonokis were designed as simple animated ornaments, something to cheer up those in need of it. However, these creatures have distinctive personalities and form long-lasting bonds with others of their kind, slowly growing into small families. They appear to have feelings, something uncommon to other artificial creations. They care about the other ikonokis greatly and have such a strong desire to have their own families that is easy to mistake them for living beings. Future ikonoki parents search for the perfect sheets of paper and fold their own eggs. Aware of their inability to bring them to life, they ask for help from their magi friends, eager to have their newly folded eggs enchanted so they can add another member to their growing family.


This small, fragile egg is made out of paper.


The idea that these little hatchlings were once simple sheets of paper seems strange. They are so full of life that saying they are not alive might sound odd, even if they are not. The enchantment animating the ikonokis is stronger than the one of other artificially made creatures. Whether it is because the animating spells used on kamitori have been perfected or because the ikonokis are easier to animate, it is undeniable that they are full of life. It is hard to differentiate the akamura from the kaminku while they are still hatchlings. The ikonoki hatchlings are crafted from simple sheets of paper without patterns. Only after a few weeks of slow growth do they show their magnificent colors. While some theorize their colors are related to their distinct personalities, others believe it has to do with their life experiences as they grow.


Ikonoki adults are small, cheerful creatures. They easily fit in one palm and show their affection by nibbling on the fingers. Although they have the same shape, the two types of ikonoki are very different - not just in colors but also in personality. The akamura ikonokis are more adventurous and brave, loving to play with mice or to be out in the rain. It is not uncommon for an akamura ikonoki to return with a slightly chewed wing or an entirely wet body. Fortunately, the spell animating them regenerates the paper their bodies are made of, and they are as good as new come morning. On the other hand, the kaminku ikonokis are shy and snuggly, preferring to remain in the presence of their magi. The kaminku ikonokis will sit by the window on rainy days, watching the akamura play, yearning to join them but not courageous enough to do so. Even so, with all their differences, the akamura and kaminku ikonokis have their love for their young and their desire to have their own small families in common.


Obtained from: Event, Valentines, Retired
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: February 14th 2023

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Real

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