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Fire Yulline #1374


There are many creatures people associate with the winter festivities, and the fire yulline is one of them. These small creatures are feisty but friendly, always happy to be in the company of humans as long as meat treats are involved. As they have fascinating control over fire magic, which manifests from the day they hatch, the yullines need little training, although they are eager to learn new tricks every so often. Even if the yullines are able to scorch everything with their fire breath, they are more content in using it in a much more captivating way. When breathing fire, they shape it into elegant patterns, often making it dance and thus creating lovely displays. These performances are not what some might expect, as the yullines prefer to offer dainty shows rather than big and flashy demonstrations. When they fly, the fire twists and dances around them, and many focus on this skill to put up entertaining shows during the winter festivities. Their popularity grows with each passing year, and recently even magi at the Keep have taken to keeping fire yullines as companions.


Intricate fire patterns revolve around this egg.


When not spending time with other hatchlings, the yullines play with their fire. They shape it into what appears to be imaginary creatures, moving the forms around in made-believe-like games for as long as their magical fire lasts. The hatchlings can be so engrossed in these games that they sometimes forget to eat, and it is no surprise to find a yulline hatchling fast asleep with small shapes made out of fire still dancing around it. They play around with their food as much as with their fire. If given a piece of meat, the yulline hatchlings will warm it up with their fire, push it around, fly it to different places, and even trade it for other pieces of meat with other hatchlings before finally eating. For creatures that grow up so fast, the yulline hatchlings require little food. They eat only as much as they consider necessary, playing with the rest of the meat they receive or leaving it for later meals.


Although sociable creatures, fire yullines spend plenty of time alone, perfecting intricate displays made with their fire. The shapes they make resemble the yullines' own form but are smaller in comparison. The yulline adults that live near the Keep sometimes shape their fire after other creatures, such as dragons and wyverns, but they show an unmistakable preference for sticking to the shapes they know best. Magi who train the adults have to bribe them with rare meat, or else the yullines are not as keen on putting up different displays other than the ones they are used to during the winter festivities. As their fire comes in more than one color, the yullines are taught to perform intricate flight patterns while their fire dances around them. Since the yullines have little interest in showing off their magic in pompous performances, those who train these creatures have more than two adults working together. However, no matter the number of yullines involved, the spectacles are always beautiful and elegant.


Obtained from: Event, Winter Solstice, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: December 19th 2022

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

Breeds with the following:
Fire Yulline + Fire Yulline = Fire Yulline

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Real

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