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Heart Briar Rosa Dove #1372


Somewhere deep in the heart of Synara City, in a pocket where centuries of magic have pooled, a magi might stumble upon an ancient tower. Raised and carved from the very stone the city was built upon, ensconced in verdant thorny vines, every inch hums with the memory of primal, unknowable power. Somehow your feet have taken you here, though you do not recall the steps. As you pause before this monument, the vines part slightly, revealing the seam of an ancient doorway. You press hesitantly on the stone, and it gives, gently sliding away before you. You catch the briefest glimpse of what seems to be a person resting on a bier made out of thorns and roses, but when you blink, the person is gone, and all that is left is a single egg. The thorns dissolve beneath your hands as you take the egg, and you feel a strong compulsion not to linger. After you've exited the tower, you glance back, but it is gone - all that is left are the old ordinary houses lining a quiet alley in Synara's historic district, and an egg that smells faintly of roses.


A briar and a rosebud have emerged from this sweet-smelling egg.


Shy, timid, and fluttery, briar rosa dove hatchlings have a strangely ethereal quality to them, as if they might simply disappear at any moment. They require a great deal of care from their parents or their magi, relying entirely on them to provide seeds, berries, and insects to eat. They are strangely quiet for young birds, only ever cooing softly when requesting their next meal. Due to the half-blooming rosebud on their back, briar rosa doves always smell faintly sweet, the scent so soothing that their presence is often used as a sleep aid.


Unlike their more common cousins, briar rosa doves carry only one large flower on their backs, and a great quantity of thorns to go with it. They shed their petals as regularly as feathers, and while these petals are useful for lovely perfumes, they are far more potent as sleeping potion ingredients. Briar rosa doves have powers over sleep generally, able to flood the area around them with a sweet smell that instantly puts anyone around into a deep slumber, while their gentle coos are a slow, pleasant lullaby. The sleep they grant is pleasant and dreamless, and, if some rumors are to be believed, can potentially last for centuries. Those rumors have not been confirmed, but their known abilities make them useful companions in healing wards, though the healers who work there must employ careful measures to not drift off themselves. No one is quite sure where briar rosa doves come from, but the only known small wild population flutters around in Synara City. Magi sometimes receive eggs as a gift directly from the wild doves, but it is not uncommon for a magi to simply wake up with one in their grasp, or to return from an adventure with an egg they can't quite remember receiving.


Obtained from: Donation (Dec)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: December 1st 2022

Element: Void An icon depicting the element Void

Breeds with the following:
Heart Briar Rosa Dove + Heart Briar Rosa Dove = Heart Briar Rosa Dove Cost: 3 shards
Soul Briar Rosa Dove + Heart Briar Rosa Dove = Soul Briar Rosa Dove Cost: 3 shards
Soul Briar Rosa Dove + Heart Briar Rosa Dove = Heart Briar Rosa Dove Cost: 3 shards

December 2022 5-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad

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