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Aer Hyalus Rana #1366


The aer hyalus rana is a mostly terrestrial creature, active during twilight. With its glass-like body and almost transparent skin, spotting one can be difficult. It blends with the ground around it in an almost perfect way. If it wasn't for the faint magical aura that surrounds its body, the hyalus rana would be almost invisible. The rana is beneficial for its habitat. It cleanses it of all negative energies as well as of damaging elements. Using its air magic, the aer hyalus rana gives off a faintly sparkling white aura that purifies the air of all pollution. This aura is known as the aura of purity. Although its magic does not affect sentient beings, the rana is considered a holy creature for its ability to cleanse even the most polluted spaces. The rana's magic is not limitless, however. It can only cleanse a small space before having to recharge its energy. It is often kept as a companion for its useful magic; however, a proper environment and suitable company are needed to keep the rana happy.


A faint white aura reflects through this otherwise transparent egg.


Aer hyalus tadpoles are incredibly small creatures. They live inside droplets of water until they develop their ability to breathe on land. While they have no control over their magic at such young stages, their auras are mostly present. They glow in intermittent patterns, a beautiful sight to see. A group of aer tadpoles lazily moving on the ground at twilight will give the impression of will-o'-whisps. As they grow and gain more control over their magical abilities, the aer tadpoles will create small pockets of perfectly clean air for them to sit in. They will often try to play with other small-sized hatchlings, and creatures such as elonas love their company for the great air quality.


Adult aer hyalus ranas are no bigger than ten centimeters in length, but despite their small size, an individual can cleanse an area as wide as three feet. Their aura of purity extends around and atop them, cleaning the air of all existing pollution. Foul odors are removed from the air and replaced with a fresh, flowery scent, while fumes and other toxic vapors are cleared entirely. Spots that have aer hyalus ranas inhabiting them will always have air in a perfect state. It is always kept free of toxic elements making the space healthy for everyone. The aer ranas use their magic only in the places they live in, otherwise leaving nature to take its course. Ranas kept as companions with the purpose of cleansing air are always happy to help. However, if the mood strikes them to be lazy, they dim their magic and become almost invisible. Distinguishing a rana while like this can be rather difficult. The almost see-through body will make it hard to find one of these creatures when it decides to hide.


Obtained from: Stream (common)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: November 15th 2022

Element: Air An icon depicting the element Air

Breeds with the following:
Aer Hyalus Rana + Aer Hyalus Rana = Aer Hyalus Rana
Aer Hyalus Rana + Terra Hyalus Rana = Aer Hyalus Rana
Aer Hyalus Rana + Terra Hyalus Rana = Terra Hyalus Rana
Aer Hyalus Rana + Aqua Hyalus Rana = Aer Hyalus Rana
Aer Hyalus Rana + Aqua Hyalus Rana = Aqua Hyalus Rana

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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