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Candle Wyrm #1363


Candle wyrms are another type of pumpkin wyrm that has recently been discovered. They are native to the Candle Archipelago, and in many ways different from the pumpkin wyrms the magis are used to. Although these wyrms make their homes inside hollow pumpkins, they do not live in pumpkin patches. This may be because pumpkin patches do not exist in the archipelagos or because the wyrms have little interest in living with others of their kind. Whatever the reason, the candle wyrms have made their way to the Keep via shipments from the archipelago, and as they loved the area so much, they decided to stay. The wyrms are silent creatures, quietly creeping up in places that have pumpkin treats. Their bioluminescent bodies are the only thing that gives them away. Many legends revolve around these wyrms as their glowing bodies are said to represent the spirits passed in the afterlife. There is no proof of this, but such stories continue to be told, frequent during All Hallow's Eve when the wyrms swarm the Keep for its autumnal festivities.


Small, bioluminescent scales adorn this egg.


Magical candle wyrm seeds hatch inside special hollow pumpkins, the smallest hatchlings coming out from them. These wyrm hatchlings are fragile looking and playful. They can usually be seen playing with a pumpkin seed, tossing it in the air, throwing it around, or happily barking at it. They play with their seed until it becomes tattered from all the day's wear and tear. When this happens, the wyrm will consume the seed and find a new one to play with. Even if they are so cheerful, the hatchlings are solitary creatures. They stay with other hatchlings only until they are able to fend for themselves, leaving the group to find a pumpkin they can call home soon after. They show little interest in other creatures and approach magis only when pumpkin treats are offered. The hatchlings can be tamed and raised as companions if treated with care, requiring two things to be happy: the perfect pumpkin they can turn into a home and plenty of treats.


Adult candle wyrms mate only after finding a suitable partner. This individual can be of either gender since the wyrms do not produce their own eggs. However, it is important for them to find a partner that can help care for the magical pumpkin seeds. They are not comfortable socializing with other creatures, which means the adult candle wyrms rely on the bioluminescence of their bodies to attract a mate. It is a rare occurrence for the first wyrm attracted by the other's colors to be the perfect match, so the adults spend many months searching for the right partner. Once this happens, the two wyrms will hollow a pumpkin to serve as the future home for the magical seeds. In some instances, the two wyrms will share a large pumpkin as a home, while in others, the wyrms will bring together their own pumpkins to live as neighbors. They take turns guarding the magical seeds that appear in their hollowed pumpkin, protecting it with their lives if they must. Although they care for the hatchlings, they show more interest in preparing new pumpkins for candle wyrm seeds, working in harmony for the rest of their lives.


Obtained from: Event, Halloween, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: October 27th 2022

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Candle Wyrm + Candle Wyrm = Candle Wyrm
Iridiun Fae Wyrm + Candle Wyrm = Iridiun Fae Wyrm
Iridiun Fae Wyrm + Candle Wyrm = Candle Wyrm

Sprite art: Xenomorph, Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Real

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