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Iridiun Fae Wyrm #1362


Every now and then, magi find special pumpkins in their pumpkin patches: blues and yellows rather than the standard orange, and skin covered in patches of thin sparkling crystal. These pumpkins are considered a blessing, as they announce the presence of an iridiun fae wyrm. Like their cousins, the pumpkin wyrms, they live inside pumpkins and are most active in the autumn, when the bright leaves begin to fall and frost touches the grass early in the morning. In sunlight iridiun fae wyrms glimmer and shine, and can often be found playing in fallen leaves, a glint of light within the autumn reds and oranges. Their pumpkins are their homes, large and hollowed out to accommodate both the wyrms and their store of food to get them through the winter. A magi lucky enough to find an iridiun fae wyrm in their pumpkin patch should take special care to protect the pumpkin and its occupant, or risk a blight over their entire crop.


This pumpkin seed appears to have sprouted delicate, iridescent wings.


An iridiun fae wyrm hatchling is larger than expected given the size of its seed-mimicking egg; likely the reason their wings push through the egg's shell shortly before they hatch. However, they're still among the smallest of the wyrms, though they grow quickly. As iridiun fae wyrms have their pumpkins in regular patches, and usually only up to five in one patch, hatchlings often end up playing alone and will happily join a magi in games if the magi offers. They especially love to play with real pumpkin seeds, often arranging them in complicated patterns; and it isn't unusual to see a hatchling curled up hugging a seed while it sleeps.


An adult iridiun fae wyrm would seem like an easy target for predators, given their small size and attention-grabbing iridescent skin. However, these creatures are dangerous to eat: though not actively poisonous, harming them can bring about diseases of the body as well as diseases of crops. As they don't mate to reproduce, iridiun adults are often alone, at least when there aren't hatchlings that need to be taught. The exception to this is during the height of autumn, when all members of the patch - and sometimes members of other nearby patches - gather to dance through the autumn leaves in complicated motions that throw light from their skin and wings. Some magi think this dance guarantees a good harvest in the spring; others are of the opinion that the iridiun fae wyrms are simply celebrating the autumn before they settle in for their winter sleep.


Obtained from: Event, Halloween, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: October 27th 2022

Element: Light An icon depicting the element Light

Breeds with the following:
Iridiun Fae Wyrm + Iridiun Fae Wyrm = Iridiun Fae Wyrm
Iridiun Fae Wyrm + Candle Wyrm = Iridiun Fae Wyrm
Iridiun Fae Wyrm + Candle Wyrm = Candle Wyrm

Sprite art: Xenomorph, Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Sochitelya

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