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Malachite Miu #1360


One of the many attempts to imitate the aaru and amenthes sphinx cats lead to the creation of mius. The mages who created them meant for them to be called sphinx cats, but over time these creations came to be unanimously known as the mius. Made of polished jasper or malachite, the mius resemble sphinx cats in shape but lack their prophetic abilities. Mostly immobile, these creations are used as paperweights by scholars and students. The magic that animates them is weak but not inexistent. They retain most of the traits of real cats, often moving to sit on an important paper or someone's lap. Whenever they request pets or any other kind of attention they make a distinctive "miu" sound. This sound eventually became their name. Although they remain motionless for many hours and are hard to rouse, the mius do move, mostly to get in the way of people or to knock off objects from desks and shelves.


Soft "miu" sounds come from this polished egg.


Miu hatchings are rarely awake. They sleep almost the entire day and awake only to move to different locations. The top of important parchments seems to be their favorite sleeping spot. If one tries to move the hatchling, it will start making loud miu sounds in protest. The easiest way to coax a sleeping miu hatchling to move from one's work is to offer them a different pile of notes. However, the mius seem to be aware of the parchments' significance. They will continue to protest loudly if the texts are simple drafts or old forgotten lectures that hold no importance to the mius' owners. One solution would be to have copies of current notes ready for the mius to use as a sleeping space.


When not posing as small statues in the worst possible spaces, adult mius fulfill their purpose as paperweights. They allow their owners to move them once or twice a day, otherwise sitting on top of things they desire. Unfortunately, that means they will sit on notes that are in the process of being written and tomes that are currently read. They are no longer as vocal but still protest when moved without permission. Loud miu sounds are heard from different chambers when people are unavailable as the mius request pets, and this can happen for many hours if the owners are away traveling. Those who possess such creations need to be very careful with their furniture. In the short moments they move, the mius have the bad habit of sharpening their claws on whatever they find fitting, resulting in ugly scratch marks and small pieces of fallen jasper or malachite.


Obtained from: Shop, Artificer Shop: 3800 gold
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: October 16th 2022

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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